Okay ... school's finally out so I've been putting together the massive 'to do' list and catching up on assorted email. In an interesting bit of sychronicity, it was mentioned that Jerome Eisenberg (editor of Minerva) is proposing that the Phaistos Disk is a fake (more on this when I pick up the issue) and I mentioned that he seems to find an awful lot of 'big' forgeries, including the Monteleone Chariot. A short time after that, while checking out videos to add to my AWOTV channel at Veoh that clip from the 1925 version of Ben Hur started to play. Throughout the clip one sees bits and pieces of Ben Hur's chariot, and it is pretty clear that his chariot is modelled on that selfsame Monteleone Chariot! It's kind of difficult to see, but compare these stills:

source (Britannica)

source (UGA Classics)