Double Vision. Views on Roman Institutions in Greek and Latin Writing in
the 2nd and 3rd century CE. Hosted by the Department of History at the
University of Southern Denmark and the School of Classics University of
St. Andrews, 17th -19th April 2009, Odense, Denmark.

This conference will explore the ways Greek and Latin writers from the
late 1st to the 3rd centuries CE experienced and portrayed Roman power and
state institutions. The focus will be on the differences and similarities
in representations of Rome, Roman rule, institutions and practices, across
Greek and Latin literary genres. The aim is to address the relationship
between Greek and Latin authors in their response to Roman power, and in
practice to revisit the emerging orthodoxy of two separate intellectual
groups, differentiated as much by cultural and political agenda as by

There has been a tendency amongst scholars to identify Greek criticism of
Roman power as culturally motivated and determined. It is an aim of this
conference to collate papers on a variety of authors, across several
literary genres, and through this spectrum to make possible an informed
and detailed comparison of Greek and Latin literary views of Roman power.
This comparative model should prove valuable to our understanding of the
dialogue between cultures and status in a diverse imperialist society.
What we hope will emerge from a conference dedicated to such an approach
is a more nuanced appreciation of the differences and similarities between
literary responses to Roman power across the empire.

Confirmed speakers include Jill Harries, Joe Howley, Jason König, Roger
Rees, Greg Woolf, (St Andrews University), Jesper Majbom Madsen, Jesper
Carlsen, Tønnes Bekker-Nielsen, Christian Høgel, Heller Sejersen,
(University of Southern Denmark)
George Hinge (Aarhus University), Ewen Bowie, Tim Whitmarsh, Rhiannon Ash
(University of Oxford), John Moles (University of Newcastle), Giovanni
Salmeri (Università di Pisa), and Tessa Rajak (Reading University).

We invite proposals and abstracts (c.300 words) for further (c.30 minute)
papers by the 30th September to:

Jesper Majbom Madsen
University of Southern Denmark
majbom AT