Christiane Sourvinou-Inwood, who died in May of 2007, was one of the most influential Hellenists of her generation. The focus of much of her work was the religious system of the Greek polis, or, more precisely, the ways in which the political structure of the Greek city-state shaped religious practices and representations. Within this field she devoted special attention to myth and ritual, adolescent transitions, representations of the afterlife, variations of panhellenic religion found in specific cities ("divine personalities") and the articulation of polis religion in Greek tragedy. Her work in these areas drew on a methodology which she called "reading", applicable equally to iconographical and archaeological sources and to literature and epigraphy.

As a tribute to Dr. Sourvinou-Inwood's scholarly achievement, and as a contribution to the ongoing debate, the Classics Department at the University of Reading will host from July 4th to July 6th 2008 a symposium exploring central themes in the area of polis-religion and its interpretation.

Participants include Jan Bremmer (Groningen), Joan Connelly (NYU), Esther Eidinow (Oxford), Radcliffe Edmunds (Bryn Mawr), Milette Gaifman (Yale), Alexander Herda (CHS/Berlin), Sarah Hitch (Bristol), Athene Kavoulaki (Rethymno), Julia Kindt (Sydney), Johannes Mylonopoulos (CHS/Erfurt), Fred Naiden (UNC), Petra Pakkanen (RHUL), Andrej and Ivana Petrovic (Durham), Julia Shear (Glasgow), Hannah Willey (Cambridge) and Froma Zeitlin (Princeton).

Full details of the conference, including booking forms and information on accommodation and travel, may be obtained from the conference website:

We particularly bring to the attention of postgraduate students the fact that--thanks to generous funding from the Classical Association --we are able to offer a few student bursaries. For information about these, please apply to one of the organizers as soon as possible.

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