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An extremely precious statuette of Venus - 15 cm high was found in archaeological excavations in Rome's Trimamium.

This was announced by Nikolay Nenov, director of Regional History Museum in Ruse.

The bronze figure was found in a pit from Roma's period, where before that were discovered 36 coins that dates from I-III century.

According to archaeologist Vurbin Vurbanov the statuette has been made in local workshop. The find will be conservative and restored because is covered with coating.

... and here's the unfortunate followup from Novinite:

Treasure hunters destroyed the work of an archeological team at the exploration of the Roman fortress Trimamium close to Bulgaria's northeast city of Ruse, the Bulgarian National Television reported.

The treasure hunters searched the site after it was announced that a unique 15-cm tall statute of the goddess Venus had been discovered there by the archeologists on Wednesday.

The treasure hunters destroyed everything the researchers had accomplished including all preparations for taking pictures of the archeological site. They also destroyed layers, which had no been studied so it is unclear whether they found anything valuable during their raid.

The artifacts found at Trimanium were not at the site so none of them got stolen.

The Venus statue that was discovered there is made of bronze and is dated back to the second half of the third century A.D.