Dear Friends and Colleagues,
The Roman Society's biennial Roman Archaeology Conference will be held at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor on April 3-5, 2009.
Please note the website which is

Each session (see list below) will have about 6 speakers and run for a full morning or afternoon. Sessions will start promptly at 9 am on Friday 3rd April and end at about 4.30 pm on Sunday 5th April. Participants and attendees should therefore plan to arrive by Thursday evening (2nd April) and to leave on Sunday evening (5th) or Monday morning (6th). The closest airport is Detroit Metropolitan Airport (40 minutes by road from Ann Arbor). In view of the increasing airfares, we urge participants to make their plane reservations promptly.
We have blocked out a large number of rooms in local hotels, at reduced rates. They include a cheaper hotel option of about $52 (about 27 pounds) per room per night (many of these rooms also have two beds). Participants will be able simply to make their own reservations online. We will give you information on making such reservations in the coming months.

We will be very grateful if you will forward this e-mail to any of your colleagues who may be interested in attending.
Session organizers please forward this message to each of your session speakers.
Please send any queries to jra AT

With many thanks and best wishes
Nic Terrenato and John Humphrey

RAC sessions:

The Late Republican period in “native” Southern Italy
Organizer: Fabio Colivicchi (Queen's University)

Kings, Clans and Conflict: Italic Warfare in the first millennium BC
Organizers: Hilary Becker (Washington & Lee University) and Jeremy Armstrong (University of Auckland)

Current Approaches to the Archaeology of first millennium BC Italian Urbanism
Organizers: Jeffrey Becker (Boston University) and Elizabeth Robinson (University of North Carolina)

The Roman city as ‘written space’
Organizers: Simon Esmonde Cleary, Ray Laurence, and Gareth Sears (University of Birmingham)

The lives of others: peoples of the peripheries
Organizers: David Mattingly (University of Leicester) and Peter Wells (University of Minnesota)

Archaeology-based approaches to the study of food and drink in the Western Roman Empire
Organizer: Robert Curtis (University of Georgia)

Between Canon and Kitsch: Eclecticism in Roman Homes
Organizers: Sinclair Bell (University of Manitoba) and Francesca Tronchin (The Ohio State University)

Rethinking Britannia. New Approaches to a Grand Old Lady
Organizer: Peter Wilson (English Heritage)

Irrelevant Wall or Untapped Resource? Challenging Preconceptions of Hadrian’s Wall
Organizers: Rob Collins (University of Newcastle) and Matt Symonds (Durham County Council)

Comparative issues in the archaeology of the Roman rural landscape, site classification between survey, excavation and historical categories
Organizers: Peter A.J. Attema (University of Groningen) and Günther Schoerner (Friedrich-Schiller Universität, Jena)

Rome and the Alps
Organizers: Bruce Hitchner and Maxence Segard (Tufts University)

Roman Imperialism in Africa Proconsularis
Organizer: David Stone (Florida State University)

Alteration, influence, transfer and exchange: architectural relations between Rome and the Greek East
Organizer: Philip Stinson (University of Kansas)

Roman villa landscapes in the Latin west: economy, culture and lifestyles
Organizers: Nico Roymans and Ton Derks (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

Incorporating coin finds into the archaeological and historical narrative
Organizer: Kris Lockyear (Institute of Archaeology, University College London)

Late Roman Jerusalem - Urban Development in the Light of Recent Research
Organizer: Gideon Avni (Israel Antiquities Authority)

Organizers: Jennifer Baird and Simon James (University of Leicester)

The Troubled Adolescence of Late Antique Studies: Archaeological approaches to ‘change’ in Late Antiquity
Organizer: Hendrik Dey (The American University in Rome)

RAC 2009 will also host a group of TRAC sessions.