Folks might be interested to know that I've created an AWOTV 'channel' at Veoh ... as I come across videos, I'll mention them here from time to time, but they'll be available as a sort of 'ancient history channel' at Veoh for whenever you want to access them. The channel itself consists of the five minute previews of programs; to get the full thing, you have to have Veoh TV (which also allows you to download most, if not all, of them). Highlights of things I've just added include Michael Wood's In Search of the Trojan War (which is becoming increasingly difficult to find), Bettany Hughes' Spartans and Helen of Troy, and assorted other good stuff.

Give it a look see here ... whatever was the last thing I added will start playing; a menu of items is on the right (34 items as of this writing). There's a comment facility too ... not sure how that will work out, but feel free to make use of it!