This seems to have been compressed beyond understanding ... from ANSA:

Historical artifacts found during the construction of a primary school in Milas district of Mugla revealed the existence of a circus area in the second century B.C.. The chamber grave, unearthed during the construction of Zekeriya Gumuskesen primary school, was reported to belong to an artist family lived in the second century B.C., Turkish daily news reported. Historical artifacts found in the chamber grave are now on display at Milas Museum. Milas Museum director Erol Ozen said: "This is a different and a special situation, as well as an important historical development. Because of a theater mask of Heracles' head and a figure of Apollo in the grave we think that the chamber grave belonged to a family of artists." Ozen added that scientific research on the project continues. "There is also an earthen bear figure with a bell around his neck. This indicates that there was a circus area in the region in the ancient times. We focused on the subject, and found that the bear was caught by the people living there and that it probably participated in circus shows. We can get important clues about the social life of the city with these findings," he explained.

Not sure about the bear with the bell ... never saw this sort of thing before. There is a nice photo of a bear sculpture/bronze in the Met here ... no bell, though.