From comes word of a possible temple to Dionysus in Bulgaria:

Over the tomb of Sevt III (on the coin) in the mound Goliama Kosmatka near Shipka town (Central Bulgaria) is most probably located the temple of Dionysius - the God of Fruitfulness.

The news was reported in Kazanluk city by the director of local History Museum Kosio Zarev.

According to Zarev's words the conclusion was made after the detailed geo-radar examinations of the mound executed by a private team.

The researches showed that immediately over the Sevt III's tomb, revealed three years ago, is located a premises, similar to a temple, in which left outlet was defined a presence of big bronze statute.

The scientists believe that the discovery treats the unrevealed until now, but existing in ancient times temple of Dionysius, for who is known for sure that was by the river valley of Tundja River (South - Eastern Bulgaria).

Kosio Zarev supposes that firstly was created the temple pf Dionysius by Sevt himself, who had praised the God of Fruitfulness.

According to the Kazanluk Museum's chief the temple was active until the moment it was turned into a religious spot.

This summer are expected to start examination excavations in the region of the sanctuary.

If in the mound of Goliama Kosmatka will be discovered the disappearing temple of the Thracian God, the valley will become big scientific world sensation.