8.00 p.m. |DCIVC|Searching For Lost Worlds: Atlantis - Mystery Of The Minoans
A lost civilization uncovered at Knossos, Crete in the early 1900s displayed many similarities to Plato's descriptions of Atlantis; but in 1939, it was proposed that the island of Thera might be the lost city.

8.00 p.m. |HISTC| CITIES OF THE UNDERWORLD | Rome's Hidden Empire
Rome, Italy is a city where the past meets the present on every street, and below them. Caesar. Augustus. Nero. Rome has had some of the most infamous rulers, and each one of them has left their mark on the city - and left remnants of his reign underground. A secret cult practiced right next to the Circus Maximus, and their temple still remains beneath the street. The famous Piazza Navona sits on top of Domitian's Stadium. Pieces of Trajan's Basilica can be found under a gallery owned by fashion dynasty, Fendi. Rome's underground is filled with evidence of life during the Empire. Join host Eric Geller as he discovers what life was like during Nero's tyranny and Augustus' reforms. We're peeling back the layers of time on Cities of the Underworld: Rome's Hidden Empire

DCIVC = Discovery Civilization (Canada)
HISTC = History Television (Canada)