From the Waverly Leader:

ANOTHER piece of history was on display when a 2000-year-old Roman coin was used for the toss before Clayton's centenary match against St Kilda City on Saturday.

The coin dates back to 27BC when Emperor Augustus, better known as Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus, ruled the Roman Empire.

One side features the profile of Emperor Augustus's head and the letters 'SC', the Roman Senate's seal of approval, are inscribed on the other.

"The reason we're using it is because it's been donated by our major sponsor, Universal Coin Company," Clayton treasurer Neil Daly said.

"On the back of the coin it's got 'SC', which is the Roman Senate's mark, but our sponsor thought the S could stand for St Kilda City and the C for Clayton.

"We thought it would be a novel idea to celebrate the centenary rather than a standard coin, as it's never been done before."

... in case you were wondering, the coin was in a lucite sort of case (there's a tiny photo accompanying the original article).