ante diem iv kalendas maias

ludi Florales ... a.k.a. Floralia (day 2) -- a festival originally ordered in response to an interpretation of the Sybilline books in 238 B.C., it fell into desuetude only to be revived in 173 B.C.; it was a general festival of drinking and other merriment in honour of Flora, who presided over (of course) flowers and their blossoms

12 B.C. -- consecration of the signum et ara Vestae on the Palatine; it was a shrine built by Augustus as pontifex maximus to house the palladium (maybe) which Aeneas brought from Troy

32 A.D. -- birth of the future emperor-for-a-little-while Otho

1st century -- martyrdom of Aphrodisius and companions in what would become Languedoc

304 A.D. -- martyrdom of Pollio in Pannonia