Department of Classics & Ancient History, University of Durham

Wednesday 23 April, 5.30pm [Ritson room]
Dr Sandra Ducic (Honorary Research Fellow at Durham)
Turning points in the reception of Classical Antiquity: Hölderlin's Pindar and the second Renaissance

Friday 25 April, 5.30pm [Ritson room]
Andreas Schwab (University of Trier)
The 'new' Thales of Miletus: an approach to the history of his presentations

Wednesday 30 April, 5.30pm [Ritson room]
Professor John North (UCL)
Caesar at the Lupercalia

Saturday 3 May, 10.30am - 6pm [Ritson room]
Spring Colloquium of the British Epigraphy Society: 'Religion and politics in Greek and Roman epigraphy in Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean'
(under the auspices of the Centre for the Study of the Ancient Mediterranean and the Near East)
Full programme:

Tuesday 6 May, 5.30pm [Ritson room]
Professor Irmgard Männlein-Robert (University of Tübingen)
Voices from the Underworld - Callimachus' poetics in frg. 64 Pf

Wednesday 14 May, 5.30pm [Seminar room] - Classical Association
Professor Alison Sharrock (University of Manchester)
Ovid and epic

Wednesday 21 May, 5.30pm [Ritson room]
Dr Carry Vout (Christ's College, Cambridge)
The art of damnatio memoriae

Friday 4 July, 9.30am - 6pm [Ritson room]
Workshop on The Image of the Author
(under the auspices of the Durham Centre for the Classical Tradition and the Durham Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies)
Programme details will be distributed in due course. Please contact Dr Ingo Gildenhard at ingo.gildenhard AT for information about this workshop