From LX News:

Latin, Ancient Greek and other subjects with their focus mainly in the B.C are up for a fresh lot of scholars with the help of writers who have built their careers on the antiquated worlds.

This is down to a new scheme at the University of Liverpool, which is being initiated by top authors Robert Harris and Tom Holland in an attempt to get students more interested in ancient history of languages.

Author Robert Harris, who penned the historical novel Enigma as well as numerous other books based on the ancient city of Pompeii, will launch the ‘Classics 08’ programme alongside fellow writer Tom Holland whose works include Rubicon (based on the late Roman republic) and Persian Fire (about the Persian Wars).

Classics lecturer at the university Eugenie Fernandes puts the renewed interest in ancient cultures down to blockbusters such as Gladiator and Alexander the Great. “The study of Classics and in particular classical languages has attracted renewed interest in recent years” she said recently. “Both languages have shown to help students improve reading, comprehension, vocabulary and grammar. As part of the initiative we have set up a ‘Classics Club’, held on Saturdays for students over the age of 14, which is proving highly popular. We cover topics such as ancient art and drama, local architecture and archaeology and we also arrange trips to museums and theatres across the country.”