I don't usually mention the never-ending saga over the use of Macedonia yadda yadda yadda (I grew bored with it long before I started this blog), but here's an actual development ... an extract from a piece in Kathimerini:

As diplomats in Athens and Skopje brace for a new round of United Nations-mediated talks on the Macedonia name dispute, sources say the Greek government now prefers the composite name New Macedonia rather than Upper Macedonia which it had favored for its “geographical qualifier.”

The change of tune in Athens, the same sources say, has been influenced by a report by eminent Greek academics citing extracts from the writings of ancient scholars Herodotus and Thucydides – and from the speeches of ancient Greek warrior Alexander the Great – which refer to Upper Macedonia.

The Upper Macedonia mentioned in these texts corresponds to four Greek prefectures, the report says, and so could fuel irredentism.

... which leaves one wondering, of course, whether this is the first time ancient historians have been mentioned at all ...