9.00 p.m. |HISTC| ROME II | Passover
In the wake of Caesar’s murder, a cauldron of contrary emotions bubble across Rome. Narrowly escaping the swords of Quintus Pompey and his henchmen outside the Senate, Mark Antony decides to flee to the north to raise an army, and makes plans to leave the city with Atia, her children, and Caesar’s widow Calpurnia. But Octavian, after learning he is heir to Caesar’s name and fortune, argues it would be best for his family to remain in Rome, and offers Mark Antony a plan. Boldly entering Servilia’s lair, Mark Antony proposes an amnesty arrangement in which Caesar will be given a statesman’s funeral, and Brutus and his Senate “liberators” will be acquitted of murder. Brutus’ acquiescence backfires following the funeral, which turns the tide of public opinion in Mark Antony’s favor. Meanwhile, a distraught Vorenus has his own funeral to arrange, but it will be done without the presence of his daughters or Niobe’s illegitimate son Lucius, on whom he has issued a curse. Driven to nearmadness, Vorenus is rescued by Pullo, who has returned to Rome with his new wife (and former slave) Eirene. Learning that Erastes has abducted Vorenus’ daughters, the two soldiers end up paying a not-so-congenial visit to the captain at the Aventine Collegium.

HISTC = History Television (Canada)