From the Oxford Mail:

Archaeologists working in Oxford city centre have unearthed bones that could be more than 2,000 years old.

A team of archaeologists has been excavating a site between St Giles and Blackhall Road since mid January - and last week the diggers struck bone, uncovering what could be a mass grave.

Seven bodies, believed to date to the Roman or Saxon period, have been found at the site.

Sean Wallis, project officer for Reading-based Thames Valley Archaeological Services, said "The whole of the site has been quite dense with archaeology but the area that the bodies turned up we only started on last week.

"We've got legs and arms and torsos at the moment but we haven't got any full skeletons.

"We are speculating they could be Roman but there is a chance they may be from a later date."

The dig is part of planning requirements for the construction of a new quadrangle for St John's College.

UPDATE: The bodies are (as of April 6) believed to come from the Saxon period ...