If you would like to attend this conference (details below), please contact
Bill Allan (william.allan AT univ.ox.ac.uk) by Thursday 27th March.

Please also state whether you would like to attend the dinner (c. £20 plus

There is no conference fee. We gratefully acknowledge the support of The
British Academy, The Classics Faculty Board, and the OUP's John Fell Fund.

Bill Allan & Adrian Kelly (conference organizers)

Poetry and Performance: A Conference in honour of Oliver Taplin
Ioannou Centre for Classical
and Byzantine Studies
Friday 26th – Saturday 27th September, 2008

Friday 26th September

8.30-9.00: Arrival and registration

TRAGEDY I – Chair: Bill Allan
9.00 Pat Easterling (Cambridge) 'Naming and not naming in Sophocles'
9.30 Adrian Kelly (Oxford) 'Aias in Athens'
10.00 Laura Swift (Oxford) 'Epinician and tragic worlds in Sophocles'
10.30-11.00 Questions and discussion

11.00-11.30 Coffee

TRAGEDY II – Chair: Adrian Kelly
11.30 Scott Scullion (Oxford) 'The Archaeology of the Fifth-Century Theatre
in Athens Revisited'
12.00 Ian Ruffell (Glasgow) 'Imperialism, Hegemony and "Universals": the
Ideology of Form in Athenian Tragedy'
12.30 Edith Hall (RHUL) 'Jocasta's Body and the Body Politic in Euripides'
1-1.30 Questions and discussion

1.30-2.30 Lunch

COMEDY I – Chair: Al Moreno
2.30 Athena Kavoulaki (Crete) 'Dionysiac festival and comic charis'
3.00 Martin Revermann (Toronto) 'Comic chorality'
3.30 Robin Osborne (Cambridge) 'The Comic Body'
4.00 Eric Csapo (Sydney) 'Iconographic Evidence for Phallic Performers at
the Athenian Dionysia in the time of the Introduction of Comedy to the
Festival Program'
4.30-5.00 Questions and discussion

7.30pm CONFERENCE DINNER [at a local restaurant]

Saturday 27th September

COMEDY II – Chair: Pat Easterling
9.00 Michael Anderson (Trinity College, Connecticut) 'Women at the Gates:
Staging Gender Inversion in Aristophanes' Lysistrata'
9.30 Gregory Hutchinson (Oxford) 'House politics and city politics in
10.00 Peter Brown (Oxford) 'Slaves, ex-slaves and Aristophanes' Frogs'
10.30-11 Questions and discussion

11-11.30 Coffee

RECEPTION: HOMER – Chair: Chris Carey
11.30 Richard Rutherford (Oxford) 'A Homerist reads the Ilias Latina'
12.00 Katherine Harloe (Reading) 'Homeric soundings in the eighteenth century'
12.30 Amanda Wrigley (Oxford) 'Homer on the Radio'
1-1.30 Questions and discussion

1.30-2.30 Lunch

RECEPTION: DRAMA – Chair: Lydia Prior
2.30 David Wiles (RHUL) 'Theatre and citizenship: the reception of classical
thinking in the French Enlightenment'
3.00 Fiona Macintosh (Oxford) 'Aeschylus and Modernism'
3.30 Pantelis Michelakis (Bristol) 'Tragedy from the machine: technology,
media, performance'
4.00-4.30 Questions and discussion

4.30 Tea and departure