From One India:

History is the flavour of the season and after the much-hyped Jodhaa Akbar, one more historical from Bollywood - on Alexander the Great - is ready to hit the halls soon. Vikram Kumar and Tripta Chopra will play the leads. The movie is ready for an April 18 release. Made at a budget of Rs 100 million, the film will be released in Hindi, English, Tamil and Telugu. The Tamil version will hit on the same day when the Hindi version hit the halls.

Directed by Ravi K Patwa, the film is titled Royal Utsav and its makers claim that its grandeur is comparable to Jodhaa Akbar. To make the film interesting, the director has taken a little bit of liberty and put in Alexander the Great's reincarnation in India!

Set in 400 BC, it revolves around Alexander the Great, who after conquering many countries set his sights on India, but his army refused to move further. Somehow he managed to breach the boundaries of Punjab, but from there he was forced to return. On his way home he died. In this film, Patwa shows that Alexander is reborn and returns to India to marry Rani Rupmati.