From Gulf News:

Sharjah Port authorities have confiscated antiques worth $6 million that were smuggled into the country, a senior official said.

“The Dh22m shipment was coming from Turkey and was expected to be received by Sharjah-based antique dealers who planned to transport it to Switzerland,” said Dr Sabbah Jasem, Head of Sharjah Archaeology Museum.

Port officials confiscated more than 23 items dating back to the Roman Helenistic period, and immediately notified the Sharjah Directorate of Antiquities, which verified the authenticity of the antiques.

“Sharjah strictly adheres to the international law of antiquities, and the smuggling of antiques through illegal ways,” said Jasem.

A photo of one of the pieces accompanies the article ... this seems to be a rather more major bust than the article suggests ...