From the Chronicle ... with an interesting bypass name along the way:

AN AMATEUR archaeologist from Sandbach is on a mission to plot the course of a historic Roman road thorough the town.

Alex York, 73, of Middlewich Road, is tracking a previously undiscovered road from Elm Tree Farm at Abbey Fields, through Roman Way. He has been given permission to continue his dig on land next to the Wheelock Bypass.

He said: “Tracking this road has been a real joy, albeit a lot of hard work. It is believed to have run from Middlewich through Elworth en route to Alsager and Chesterton near Stoke.

“Roman roads come in all shapes and sizes or at least their remains do. Digging has also given me a greater understanding of more recent local history.

“When I was digging on Elm Tree Farm I discovered that it has a very rich history of its own. Farmer Peter Richardson’s family have been there for over 180 years, that’s six generations.

“I am very grateful to Peter, his family and everyone at Elworth Cricket Club who have been very helpful and encouraging.

“I have been given permission to continue tracking the road on David and Robert Holdcroft’s land next to the Wheelock Bypass. The Holdcroft brothers rent the land from Peter Foden so it will be very interesting to dig on land which has such an importance part in the town’s history.”

Alex is keen to share his knowledge and experiences with local people and is giving a talk on his work to Sandbach Rotary Club at the Chimney House Hotel in Congleton Road on Sunday.

He said: “There are hundreds of years of history right under our feet. I would be delighted to talk to local groups or even schools about my work.

“It is a great shame that young people are not encouraged to take a more active interest in local history.”