... proving the illicit antiquities trade is part and parcel with other crimes ... from Kathimerini:

An attempt by a 29-year-old man to smuggle a hit of heroin to his jailed girlfriend in Edessa, northern Greece, led to the arrest of a suspected drug dealer whose home was found to be full of ancient artifacts, police said.

After prison authorities caught the 29-year-old trying to pass a small quantity of heroin to his girlfriend – inside a crepe – he was questioned and subsequently led officers to a 42-year-old believed to be the supplier of the narcotics.

A search of the latter’s home revealed only a small quantity of heroin but a huge stash of artifacts.

The artifacts, believed to have been illegally obtained, include hundreds of bronze coins dating to the ancient Greek and Roman eras, a clay statuette of the goddess Aphrodite dating to the Hellenistic era, a bronze pipe and various broaches dating to the Iron Age.