6.00 p.m. |HINT|History's Mysteries: The Roman Emperors
When the power of Rome was concentrated into the hands of supreme rulers, the empire began to corrode as the emperors led lives of increasing depravity. We'll visit their mansions to get an inside look at the splendor--and squalor--in which they lived, and insight into their sometimes inexplicable acts.

8.00 p.m. |HISTC| LOST WORLDS (2006) | First Christians, The
A team of field investigators uncovers the clues that will recreate vanished or hidden worlds. They use the latest research, expert analysis and cutting edge graphic technology to take us back. The 1st century AD. In the aftermath of Jesus’ crucifixion barely a hundred of his followers survive. Persecuted by the authorities, they are a cult on the verge of extinction. Yet within a few decades the new religion of Christianity will have thousands of believers spread around the Mediterranean and across the Roman Empire. The man responsible is St Paul. Once a fanatical persecutor of Jesus’ followers, he undergoes a miraculous conversion, and gives his life to spreading the gospel.

HINT = History International

HISTC = History Television (Canada)

... I note that PBS will be showing Secrets of the Parthenon tonight on NOVA ... check local listings.