This is a call for papers, articles and artwork for next issue of An
academic and religious journal of Greek, Roman, and Persian Studies.

Mithras Reader: An academic and religious journal of Greek, Roman, and
Persian Studies is dedicated to all the religions of the classical
world. We invite submissions of academic papers from researchers and
spiritual articles from practitioners of religions of the classical
world. We also welcome classical world based art work both modern
interpretations and traditional forms.

Journal web site is:
Where discussions can also take place.

Occasional articles covering the non-religious aspects of the ancient
Greco-Roman or Persian world will be considered, for example dealing
with geopolitical, cultural or military history.

The journal is divided into three sections. Part 1 contains the
academic papers, part 2 Mithraic based art work, sculptures and
paintings, and Part 3 religious articles by modern practitioners,
rites, hymns and poetry. Authors should state which section they wish
their papers to be included in.

We cannot afford to pay for contributions however authors will receive
a copy of the issue in which their article appears. All articles
featured in the journal remain the copyright of their authors and

Materials are to be submitted in English and should not exceed 9000
words. Materials are to be submitted electronically e.g. word.doc.
References should be numbered in the text and appear as numbered
endnotes at end of article. The bibliography should also come at end
of the article. Authors are solely responsible for obtaining copyright
permission for any copyrighted image or text that they include in
their papers.

Book/Film/Music reviews are also welcomed.

Advertising space is also available.

If interested in submitting material, please have a look at the
previous issue at:
to familiarize yourself with the journal style.

The dead line for submission of material is Spring Equinox (21st March

For further info and copy of our submission guidelines please email us
at: nabarz AT

P. Nabarz