The Department of Classics at the University of Wales, Lampeter is pleased
to announce that an international conference on ‘Priests and State in the
Roman World’ will take place at Lampeter between 28 and 30 August 2008.

This is a list of the confirmed papers:
J. Rüpke (Erfurt), Different colleges – never mind?
J. North (London), Lex Domitia revisited
T. J. Cornell (Manchester), TBA
A. Raggi (Pisa), Religion and Provincial Laws
S. Mitchell (Exeter), What did imperial high priests actually do?
M. Humpries (Swansea), Towards a new pontifex maximus? Roman Church and
Roman State in Late Antiquity
A. Dalla Rosa (Pisa-Cologne), Auspicia of the emperor and the proconsuls
J. Rich (Nottingham), Roman Priests and Roman War
F. Santangelo (Lampeter), Pontiffs and pax deorum
A. Clark (Oxford), Magistri and ministri in Roman Italy
E. Isayev (Exeter), Just the right amount of priestly foreigners: Roman
citizenship for the Greek priestess of Ceres
J. Richardson (Lampeter), The Vestal Virgins and the Annales Maximi
F. Glinister (London), The Salian Virgins
J. Reynolds (Cambridge), Priests in Cyrenaica
N. Belayche (Paris), Priests at Pisidian Antioch
R. Häussler (Osnabruck), State and Religion in Gallia Narbonensis
B. Rossignol (Paris), Municipal and provincial priests from the Danubian
provinces (Pannonia, Dacia, Moesia superior)
B. Goffaux (Lille), Priests in Roman Spain
L. Capponi (Newcastle), Priests, Books and State in Hellenistic and Roman
A. Powell (UWICAH), Killing a priest of Apollo: Aeneid 10, 537-42

The conference will be dedicated to the memory of our colleague Keith
There will be no registration fee, and everybody is welcome to attend.

For any query or expression of interest, you are welcome to get in touch
with the conference organisers, Dr James Richardson
(j.richardson AT and Dr Federico Santangelo
(f.santangelo AT