Leeds Classics Department Research Seminar

Wednesdays at 3pm
Room 101, Parkinson Building
University of Leeds

Meetings of the Classical Association (Leeds & District branch) are also included below, marked ‘CA’. Please note that their days and times vary.

January 23rd (CA Talk – starting at 5 for 5.30 pm)
Stephen Todd (University of Manchester)
Putting the Hype into the New Hypereides

February 13th
Kai Brodersen (University of Mannheim, Germany)
Cetius Faventinus, or: A Manual for the Roman First Time Buyer

February 20th
Paola Ceccarelli (University of Durham)
(Title to be announced)

February 27th
James Robson (Open University)
Slipping one in: Aristophanes and his Dirty Words

March 5th (CA Talk – starting at 5 for 5.30 pm)
Karim Arafat (Kings College London)
Pausanias in Context

March 12th
CA Trial Run
Various Speakers

April 16th
Elizabeth Pender (University of Leeds)
Plato's Poetic Allusions in Timaeus and Phaedrus

April 30th
Jane Barton (Oriel College Oxford)
The Coherence of Ancient Methodism

May 7th
Niklas Holzberg (University of Munich, Germany)
A Sensitive, Even Weak and Feeble Disposition?
The Elegist C. Valgius Rufus

For more information, please contact Drs. Emma Stafford (e.j.stafford AT leeds.ac.uk) or Regine May (r.may AT leeds.ac.uk).