Over the past month I've accumulated a pile of items that I've wanted to share but keep getting interrupted (and many are expiring) ... in no particular order:

First we'll catch up with Father Foster's podcasts:

Bede: No Spaghetti Latin
Leo the Great
Mens Sana

Speaking of podcasts, I'll piggy-back this with a question I posed at the Ancient World Bloggers Group ... has anyone come up with a reasonable way to monitor new podcasts which are put up at ITunes and/or (especially) ITunesU? Similarly, does anyone know how to link to a file at ITunes which would make it available to someone reading, say, rogueclassicism (I keep getting 'local' urls).

... that asked, we can point y'all to a new BBC radio series: The Essay: Greek and Latin Voices (which reminds me that there's some method of getting realplayer files on ipods now) ...


Digital Papyri at Houghton Library

New Online Books:

Martial, On the Public Shows of Domitian (translation transcribed by Roger Pearse)
The Alcestis of Euripides (Gilbert Murray's rhyming verse translation)

New Online Journals:

JLARC:Journal for Late Antique Religion and Culture
Practitioners' Voices in Classical Reception Studies

The Scholarly Electronic Bibliography has been updated ...

The January 2008 issue of the American Journal of Archaeology is online ...

Amphora 6.2 is available too ...

Timaeus the Movie:

A comic that many a PhD student (and rogueclassicist) can identify with:

Piled Higher and Deeper

Assorted news items:

Robert Eisenman on the 'redemonization' of Judas ...

Now the US is being compared to the Etruscans ... no, wait ... it's still Rome ... (cf. the 'out' and 'in' column from the Washington Post ... comparisons to Rome are 'out'; comparisons to Atlantis are 'in' ... elsewhere in the same piece, AP Calculus is out and AP Latin is in ...)

An interview with the guy who interviewed Marion True for the New Yorker ...

The Justice League is related to the Greek gods?

Harry Mount on NPR

New Orleans 'classical' streetcar stops ...