An interesting one from Kathimerini:

A family of farmers yesterday faced a Larissa prosecutor for allegedly using their bulldozer to dig antiquities out of an archaeological site in central Greece over the New Year holiday.

The couple and their son were arrested on Monday after archaeological authorities lodged a complaint with local police.

They are believed to have used their bulldozer to dig a 6-meter-deep trench at the site in Kranona, near Larissa, between December 31 and January 2.

After locating the bulldozer outside the family’s home, officers searched a nearby shed, unearthing dozens of antiquities.

The finds included 33 bronze coins dating to the Hellenistic era, two arrowheads, a bronze buckle and a lead die. Police also found a metal detector and a shotgun.

... kind of sounds like they were inspired by Schliemann, no? [I still remember being a TA for the intro Classical Civ course at Queen's, where the prof referred to Schliemann as digging "the mother of all trenches" ... it was amazing how many folks remembered that phrase come exam time]