Brief item from Metro:

The grave of a woman dating back 1,800 years has been uncovered and it proves she was literally well heeled.

The woman was wearing luxury cork slippers which are believed to have resembled moccasins or Dr Scholl sandals.

The wearer lived in a Roman village near Stonehenge, in Wiltshire.

The slippers, thought to have been imported from Spain or Portugal, are the best preserved footwear found from the period.

A girl of about eight in the limestone coffin was wearing calf skin shoes that were ankle high.

... a photo of the 'slipper' accompanies the original article (I think it's being held upside down):


Dr Max Nelson scripsit:

Shoes may have been corked to make them more comfortable but Alexis (fr. 103 Kassel-Austin in Athen., Deipn. 13.568b) says that corked shoes were used by prostitutes to make themselves look taller. Padded shoes to increase height are also mentioned in Xen., Cyr. 8.1.41.