I was hit with a major avalanche of stories and links to various versions of the rerun 'Lupercal' find and the full list will (as expected) be in this weekend's Explorator. Folks might, however, be interested in this video report from the BBC (which I can't embed). The Roman Hideout has some more photos and links to videos in other languages. Here's yet another video:

Outside of that, Mary Beard focuses on the 'myth' side of things (which needs to be done, it seems, since every news report seems to be taking this as evidence that Romulus and Remus were fact), but more importantly, among the comments, one Ray Lewis makes a passing comment that the site might actually be a nymphaeum and the more I look at the decoration (especially the 'seashells' which are mentioned in a number of reports) the more I think he's right. Think of the 'hut of Romulus' ... think of the 'primitive' (for want of a better word before coffee) rituals which went on in the Lupercal ... these rituals would not 'work' in a fancy schmancy room decorated with seashells. And if associated with the twin lads' story, why the remains of an eagle as the central decoration and not the wolf?