From Nirvana International:

A significant archaeological discovery has been made in Turkey's ancient city Laodiceia, near the coastal city of Denizli.

Following five years of excavations at the site, associate professor Celal Simsek has announced that his team have found a statue head of the ancient Greek god of the underworld, Hades.

Recent digs have also turned up a large number of marble sculptures - including ones of Aphrodite and Eros - as well as various historical artefacts such as terracotta cups, bottles and coins.

"We also found ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus' head," Mr Simsek told the Anatolia News Agency, which he said displayed the veneration ancient Greeks afforded pre-eminent figures in science, art and philosophy.

The excavations have so far been centred around an ancient street called Suriye which encompasses a late-Roman era villa, a central bath and a glass workshop.

Mr Simsek noted that since the research team began displaying its findings in the local museum visits to the city have increased a phenomenal 500 per cent.

Turkey has a rich history and a long-standing commitment to archaeological discoveries and restoration, with a church in the popular tourist destination of Antalya recently receiving a government grant to help preserve artefacts.

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