We have extended the deadline for registration until *3rd December* for
the forthcoming December 17th & 18th 2007 conference ‘Imagining Slavery:
Celebrating Abolition’ to be jointly held at Royal Holloway University of
London and the British Library.

This conference commemorates the bicentenary of the 1807 Abolition of the
Slave Trade bill. It draws together an international team of researchers
from every continent in order to explore new methodologies and previously
untapped sources. It studies both the ways that ancient slavery was
represented in antiquity and the impact of those images on discourses
about slavery since the early days of the abolition movement in the
Georgian era.

Keynote Speakers include:
* W G Thalmann, Professor of Classics & Comparative Literature, USC.
* William Fitzgerald, Professor of Latin, King’s College, London.
* Brycchan Carey, Reader in English Literature, Kingston University London
* Patrice Rankin Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Program, Purdue
University, West Lafayette, IA.

Speakers & Official Respondents include:
Boris Nikolsky [Moscow], Richard Alston [Royal Holloway], Steve Hodkinson
[Nottingham], Edith Hall [Royal Holloway], John Hilton [KwaZulu-Natal],
Ahuvia Kahane [Royal Holloway], Emily Greenwood [St Andrews], Lydia
Langerwerf [Nottingham], Margaret Malamud [New Mexico], Leanne Hunnings
[Royal Holloway], Kelly Joss Wrenhaven [Victoria, Canada], Laura Proffitt
[Royal Holloway], Sandra Joshel [University of Washington], Sara Monoson
[Northwestern University], Deborah Kamen [University of Washington],
Justine McConnell [Royal Holloway]

Please visit www.rhul.ac.uk/Classics for further information and email
Leanne Hunnings at l.j.hunnings AT rhul.ac.uk as soon as possible for
registration details. Attendance can be for one or for both days, and
there is no registration fee, only fees for accommodation and food if
required, but all bookings must be taken in order to confirm numbers.