... lots of these sorts of things today. From a larger (humourous) piece at MSNBC speculating on roles Angelina Jolie should consider since she's played Beowulf's wife ...

Medea: Although this legendary character from Roman and Greek literature differs slightly depending on which version you read, Medea was responsible for murdering her brother and scattering his body parts hither and yon to distract her father from chasing after her and husband Jason. Later, after Jason leaves her for another woman, Medea sends the new wife a cloak designed to burn up anyone who wears it. Oh, and then Medea murders her own children that were fathered by Jason.
Modern twist: Medea wins Jason’s ship, the Argo, from him in a divorce, and then travels the known world adopting orphaned children to add to her family. Then she sells exclusive photo rights to her latest child to the ancient Roman edition of OK! magazine for one million lire.

... all that's tongue-in-cheek, of course, but I think Jolie would make a great Medea (and Brad, of course, would be suitably self-absorbed to play Jason).