(also) Seen in passing at USA Weekend, inter alia, from a piece speculating on what publicists of various historical personnages might have said:

Press release: January 41 B.C. From the publicist of Cleopatra Recently, several rumors have surfaced about our supreme leader of Egypt and a Roman triumvir named Mark Antony after the two were spotted together at the Senate's annual White Party. It should be stated for the record that Cleopatra and Mr. Antony are just good friends. They enjoy each other's platonic company, and they have several mutual interests, including travel, cooking and blood-thirsty gladiator sports. Mr. Antony remains happily married to his Roman wife, Fulvia, who supports his frequent business trips to Egypt.

Today, Mr. Antony is proud to announce that his business in Egypt will be expanding, as he has formed a joint partnership with Cleopatra to further study the relationship between their two great civilizations. This wonderful partnership will allow for Mr. Antony to stay in Cleopatra's royal suite for an extended period of time so that he may get a firsthand look at Egyptian society. No further details are available at this time. Thank you.

... but I can't help but wonder ... were' MA and Cleo ever in Rome together?