Mentioned in a larger piece on the Greek foreign ministrix's travels ... from ANA:

During her visit to London, Bakoyannis met with the British Committee for the Restitution of the Parthenon Marbles and thanked them for their tremendous and ongoing efforts over the past years, stressing that Athens' goal was to reunite the Marbles being held at the British Museum in London with those in Greece.

"They do not only belong to Greece but the world has a right to see them united at the new Acropolis Museum," she said.

... this seems to be a new tactic ... for the longest time, Greek officials were insisting that the Marbles 'belong to Greece' (not the world) ... the 'world' thing is what the BM has been insisting upon. Now we'll see how they bridge that argument to some "right" to see them in a Museum in Greece (after tearing down the Art Deco house, of course).