The Literary Encyclopedia is seeking a number of distinguished scholars
specialising in ancient Greek and Roman literatures to join Tom Habinek and
William Dominik as members of its editorial board. Editors are responsible
for commissioning articles from academic specialists and ensuring the
quality and scholarly accuracy of submissions to The Literary Encyclopedia.
They are renumerated with shares in an increasingly successful company.

Founded in 1998 The Literary Encyclopedia intends eventually to provide a
description of all literary and cultural texts of scholarly interest in the
English-speaking world, and to provide informed guidance to critical
reading, cultural topics and the historical context of cultural production.

The publication is collectively owned by its editors and authors (1600+ and
constantly increasing), most of whom are current or recently retired
university teachers. The Literary Encyclopedia has already published over
4100 articles and has 870 commissioned for publication in the next 12
months. It is supported financially by institutional subscriptions from
literature departments and by individual subscribers.

If you are interested in becoming involved in this rewarding and dynamic
enterprise, please contact the Editor, Dr Robert Clark, at
litencyc AT