2.00 p.m. |DISCU| Midas Revealed
An archaeologist believes he has found the grave of King Midas in Turkey; dramatic reconstructions and computer graphics reveal fascinating insights into the Phrygian civilization, its great kings and the origins of the famous myth of the golden touch.

6.00 p.m. |HINT|Lost City of Atlantis
The ancient Greek philosopher Plato wrote about the fabled missing continent. Even South American Indian legend told of a similar tale. Did a highly civilized and technologically advanced people disappear with their secrets at the bottom of the sea, or is Atlantis merely myth?

9.00 p.m. |HISTC| ENGINEERING AN EMPIRE | Carthage
After its founding at the end of the seventh century B.C., Carthage soon grew into one of greatest civilizations of the Ancient World – a remarkable city-state that dominated the Mediterranean for nearly 600 years. Over that span of time, Carthaginian engineers harnessed their extensive resources and manpower to develop some of the ancient world’s most groundbreaking technology. Like the Egyptian masters before them, they built colossal structures able to withstand the ravages of time and man.

DISCU = Discovery Channel (US)

HINT = History International

HISTC = History Television (Canada)