‘Space and Time in Ancient Theatre’

Alexandroupolis, May 15-18, 2008.

1st Circular – Call for Papers

and in collaboration with the module ‘Ancient Greek Theatre’ of the
academic program ‘Hellenic Civilization’ of the H.O.U.,
the cultural society ‘Ekataios’ organizes the IInd International Conference.
Its subject is space and time in Ancient Theatre,
(Tragedy, Comedy, Satyr-Play, Mime, Roman Drama).

The conference will focus on contemporary research on the theatrical aspect, the dramatic and the ‘scenic’ function, and on the dramaturgical use and exploration (as presented in the plays, but also according to social and political criteria) of the space and time that are given in myth and plot. Other themes will be the institution of the dramatic games and the development of ‘chronotope’ as a theatrical term.
Some of the themes that the conference will explore are: the performances and the theater-buildings outside Athens, the way past and present are used in the extant plays, the connection between the performances and the dominant ideology at the time of the staging, the portrayal of rural and urban life in the plays, the connection between the dramatic space/tope and time and -more generally- of the theatre and the political events and life, the possibility of a more accurate dating of the plays based on specific references, the theatre as a source for folklore and legal evidence and testimonies. In addition to these, other aspects will include the change made by the dramatists of the mythological or fantastical underground in connection to the religious, philosophical and social trends of their era. Themes of special interest will be the question of how space and time are understood by modern directors, and the metaphysical and metatheatrical interpretation of ‘chronotope’.

Further proposals for oral communications related to the subject of the conference, and not mentioned above can be included in the program of the conference and in the work-groups.

The aim of the IInd International Conference is to bring together scholars and researchers of all disciplines that are related to ancient theatre in order to establish a sort of a ‘data base’ and to facilitate a fertile discussion on each theme.
Another aim of the conference is to encourage, and to give an opportunity to PhD candidates, postgraduate and undergraduate students to attend, to contribute to the discussions, and to present a short paper.

The Proceedings will include a wide range of papers from different disciplines, and will be helpful as a work of reference, and as a way to promote research on ancient theatre.

We invite all those interested in attending the conference to submit the ‘Participation Form’, and those who would like to contribute an oral communication to submit (by e-mail or by post) an abstract (of 600 words) until the 7th of January 2008.
The Organizing Committee will provide accommodation to all speakers and meals for three days.

For further information and for the ‘Participation Form’ please see: http://ekataiosconference2008.blogspot.com