Seventh Keeling Colloquium: Particulars in Greek Philosophy

Wednesday 7th – Friday 9th November 2007


Wednesday 7th November

10.30am-1pm Robert Wardy (Cambridge)
Moral vision and legislating for the good in Aristotle Respondent: Peter Adamson (KCL)

3-6pm Carlo Natali (Venice)
Particular virtues in the NE of Aristotle
Respodent: Terry Irwin (Oxford)

Thursday 8th November

10am-1pm Antony Long (Berkeley)
Moral rules and psychological particularism in Aristotelian and Stoic ethics.
Prof Long's paper will be read in his absence. Informal discussion will follow

3-6pm Verity Harte (Yale)
What’s a particular, and what makes it so? Some thoughts, mainly about Aristotle.
Respondent: Peter Adamson (KCL)

Friday 9th November

10.30am-1pm Christopher Gill (Exeter)
Particulars, selves and individuals in Stoic philosophy
Respondent: Angie Hobbs (Warwick)

3-6pm Marwan Rashed (Paris)
Particulars in Alexander of Aphrodisias
Respondent: Peter Adamson (KCL)

All meetings will be in the Wilkins Old Refectory (opposite the Main Library entrance, in the centre of the cloisters).

There will be a reception after the paper on Wednesday afternoon in the Wilkins Terrace Restaurant, and a conference dinner on Wednesday evening(speakers and respondents as guests of the Colloquium; others are welcome to attend at their own expense).