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The Association offers grants up to a maximum value of £500 (its funds permitting) to support costs of travel and/or publication to do with the study of ancient mosaics. The deadline for this round of applications is December 31 2007, and candidates will be informed of the outcome by late March 2008. For terms and conditions and a downloadable booking form please see the ASPROM website:

The 57th Symposium on Roman Mosaics will be held in Kings College London, Strand Campus, Room 2c on Saturday, December 1 2007, 2pm- 5.30pm.


John Allan, Early Roman mosaic materials in southern Britain: a geological perspective

Shelly Hales, Reflections of Aphrodite: Venus mosaics in Roman North Africa

Ruth Leader-Newby, ‘Always read the label’ : inscribed Roman mosaics in the late Empire

Refreshments included. Cost £11; for details about booking, and about the lunch available beforehand (cost £17) please see the ASPROM website: