6.00 p.m. |HINT| The Roman Emperors
When the power of Rome was concentrated into the hands of supreme rulers, the empire began to corrode as the emperors led lives of increasing depravity. We'll visit their mansions to get an inside look at the splendor--and squalor--in which they lived, and insight into their sometimes inexplicable acts

8.00 p.m. |HISTC| LOST WORLDS (2006) | Jesus' Jerusalem
A team of field investigators uncovers the clues that will recreate vanished or hidden worlds. They use the latest research, expert analysis and cutting edge graphic technology to take us back.
Tens of thousands of people travel every year to the city of Jerusalem, hoping to visit the places where Jesus walked, preached, suffered, was crucified and was buried. But in the two thousand years since his death, the city has been destroyed and rebuilt more than twenty times.

HINT = History International

HISTC = History Television (Canada)