3.00 p.m. |DCIVC| Warrior Women: Boudica
After her husband's death and ruthless attacks on her and her
daughters, Queen Boudica took up the sword, summoned her Iceni
warriors and went on a rampage against the Romans; the Iceni were
eventually stopped by the more disciplined Roman legions.

9.00 p.m. |HINT| Something About Mary Magdalene
Mary Magdalene has been a Christian icon for almost 2,000 years, but
her role in Christianity is getting a dramatic reassessment. Was Mary
a prostitute, Jesus' wife, or was she something even more surprising?
Explore the new image of Mary coming into focus among scholars, a
picture drawn from the heretical gospels found buried in Egyptian
sand in the last century, and controversial new interpretations of
New Testament scripture. Is Mary Magdalene the co-founder of
Christianity and the Church, the mysterious so-called "beloved
disciple" in the Gospel of John? Is there evidence of a rivalry
between Mary Magdalene and St. Peter in the early Church? Discover a
woman who was a powerful source of inspiration among the earliest
Christians, and for growing numbers of women in the Church today, is
a beacon for the future.

9.00 p.m. |HISTC| DIGGING FOR THE TRUTH II | The DaVinci Code:
Josh Bernstein searches for solid evidence behind the controversial
theory laid out in Dan Brown's book The Da Vinci Code. Brown's theory
claims that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and that she conceived a
child. It also suggests that the bloodline continues--unbroken--to
this day. Josh shows what's true and what's clearly make-believe in
Dan Brown's bestseller. From musty libraries to ancient churches,
Josh's unique quest leads him to seek the DNA evidence that might
prove or disprove one of the most sensational claims in modern
history. Most remarkably, he'll try to find a genetic link between a
long-sheltered pocket of ancient Aramaic Assyrians in Turkey and a
man who claims to be of the bloodline of Jesus himself!

DCIVC = Discovery Civilization (Canada)
HINT = History International
HISTC = History Television (Canada)