CALL FOR PAPERS: Ancient Music in the Near East and Mediterranean Worlds

The Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem is pleased to announce a conference
entitled "Ancient Music in the Near East and Mediterranean Worlds"
(PROVISIONAL TITLE) to be held in conjunction with the exhibition
"Sounds of Ancient Music".

The conference will examine the formation and function of ancient
musical instruments, their sounds and their place and purpose in the
lives of the diverse peoples in the ancient Near East and
Mediterranean worlds, including Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and Rome.
Special focus will be given to the place of biblical music in the

In the realm of music, the ancient Near East and Mediterranean worlds
form a continuum. Along this continuum ideas and systems moved
westward but were reformulated in each unique culture along the path
from the plain of Mesopotamia to the shores of the Aegean Sea. In this
conference, we hope both to survey the range and gamut of this
symbiosis as well as to scrutinize certain specific geographical areas
along this continuum.

The conference will take place at the Museum in Jerusalem on Monday
7th and Tuesday 8th January 2008, and will consist of two days of
lectures and presentations. Keynote lecturers include Prof. Anne
Kilner and Prof. John C. Franklin and other major scholars in the
field of Musicology, Assyriology and Archaeology.

Submissions for papers are invited. Presentations should be for 20
minutes, with an additional 10 minutes for questions. The conference
will take place in English. Papers from the conference will be
published. The deadline for submissions is 31st October 2007.

For further information regarding submission of papers and
registration for the conference, please contact the Conference
Administrator at curatorial AT