Build Thracian tomb was found in saving excavations in the Chernichino village, (Ivailovgrad municipality, Eastern Rhodope mountain).

The team was leaded by Georgy Nehrizov, specialist on Thracian archeology of National Archeology Institute.

The tomb dates from 4-3 century, BC.

The tomb chamber is 2 m high and entirely preserved. The antechamber is destroyed by treasure hunters. Now the specialists are discussing the object's conservation.

A few more details from Novinite:

Bulgarian archaeologists unearthed an ancient Thracian tomb during the weekend while making urgent excavations near the village of Cherniche.

The team of Georgi Nehrizov, a specialist in Thracian history and culture with the Bulgarian Archaeology Institute, stumbled absolutely accidentally on the tomb.

The sepulchre is dated back to the 4-3 century BC. The burial chamber with two-slope surface of the walls is completely intact. It is 2 metres long, 1,8 metres wide and 2 metres high.

The antechamber was destroyed by treasure hunters, which had obviously tried to penetrate the tomb with a digger.

Specialists from the Archaeology Institute have already arrived on the spot to make further research and discuss how to best preserve the finding.