2.00 p.m. |DISCC|Real Jason and the Argonauts
Groundbreaking new discoveries reveal that the myth of the voyage of
Jason and the Argonauts may be based on real events.

3.00 p.m. |DISCC|Becoming Alexander
Follow actor Colin Farrell as he prepares to bring Alexander the
Great to life on the big screen; the political, military and
historical context in which Alexander operated.

6.00 p.m. |HISTU|Cities Of The Underworld - Secret Pagan Underground

10.00 p.m. |HINT|Engineering An Empire: Greece
Western Civilization has been influenced by many cultures, but it
was born in Ancient Greece. The Ancient Greeks laid a foundation that
has supported nearly 3000 years of European history. Philosophers
like Aristotle and Socrates, Olympian gods, the beginnings of
democracy and great conquering armies can be attributed to the
Ancient Greeks. This strong and charismatic people strategically
harnessed the materials and people around them to create the most
advanced technological feats the world had ever seen. From The Tunnel
of Samos: a mile-long aqueduct dug through a large mountain of solid
limestone, to Agamemnon's Tomb, to The Parthenon, we will examine the
architecture and infrastructure engineered by the Greek Empire. Peter
Weller hosts.

DISCC = Discovery Channel (Canada)

HISTU = History Channel (US)

HINT = History International