Settlement, Urbanisation and Population

Ioannou School for Research in Classical and Byzantine Studies

10-11 September 2007

The Oxford Roman Economy Project is organising a conference to take place inOxford on 10 September 2007. The focus of this conference is going to be on thedemography of the Empire, with special reference to issues concerningurbanisation and population trends in specific provinces. It is intended thatthere will be a combination of approaches, some historical, based oninformation gleaned from documents, and some archaeological, based mainly onthe results of field surveys. The aim will be to examine what those datasuggest about settlement patterns and sizes within different provinces, and toexplore the extent to which a comparative view of the better documented areasof the Empire is possible.

Below you will find a draft of the programme. There is no fee for attending theconference, we do however ask you to let us know in advance if you are planning to attend, so that we can keep track of numbers.


Monday 10 September

9:30-9:45 Introduction
A. Bowman, A. Wilson

9:45-11:15 Survey method and data
R. Witcher ‘Landscape Archaeology and the Demography of Roman Italy’
D.Mattingly ‘Calculating ploughzone demographics: someinsights from arid zone surveys’

Chair: A. Wilson

11:15-11:45 ~Coffee~

11:45-1:15 Urbanisation
N. Morley 'Cities, demography and development in the Roman Empire'
A. Wilson / A. Marzano ‘City sizes and urbanisation in the Roman Empire’

Chair: E. Lo Cascio

1:15-2:15 ~Lunch~

2:15-5:30 Egypt and the Eastern Mediterranean
J. Rowland ‘The Minufiyeh Archaeological Survey: find spots in the central Delta’
D. Rathbone ‘P.Count. and population in Ptolemaic Egypt’

A. Bowman / M. Malouta / A. Sofroniew 'Urbanisation, toponymy and archaeology in Graeco-Roman Egypt'

Chair: J. Rowlandson

4:00-4:30 ~Tea~

4:30-5:30 S. Price 'Estimating ancient Greek populations: the evidence of field survey'.

Chair: M. van de Mieroop (EasternMediterranean)

6.00 Wine reception

7.30 Dinner for speakers and chairmen