Classics in Translation
A Workshop to be held at the Department of Classics and Ancient History, Durham University
25-26 September 2007

Tuesday, 25 September

4.00: Tea

4.30: Lorna Hardwick (Open University), Translating Classical Texts: The Arts of Negotiation

5.30: Ahmed Etman (Cairo University), Homer in the Arab World

7.00: Workshop dinner

Wednesday, 26 September

9.00: Coffee

9.30: John Gilmore (University of Warwick), John Clarke and the ‘Usefulness of Translations’ in education

10.15: Joanna Paul (University of Liverpool), Homer and the Cinema: Translation, Adaptation, and Teaching

11.00: Coffee

11.30: Sandra Rocha (University of Brasilia & RHUL), Herodotus and Thucydides in Translation: Looking at Underlying Views of Writing and Orality in the 5th Century

12.15: Buffet Lunch

13.15: Edmund Thomas (Durham University), Visual Translations of Vitruvius

14.00: Francesca Sapsford (University of Glasgow), Translations of Roman Satire in the Eighteenth Century: Morality and Obscenity

14.45: coffee

15.00: Gideon Nisbet (Nottingham University), ‘A country previously undiscovered’: Epigram and the Victorian Invention of Greece