From Today's Zaman:

Wall mosaics belonging to the Roman era have been discovered during excavations in Batman’s ancient city of Hasankeyf.

Hasankeyf excavation team leader Professor Abdulselam Uluçam yesterday reported that the colorful wall mosaics, which have been discovered following excavations beginning in 2005, were of crucial importance to the history of the city.

“At the end of our work, we discovered a composition made from colorful mosaics that was in line with the building’s historical structure. This is the first time we discovered wall mosaics in Hasankeyf. It has been revealed that the walls of this monumental structure, belonging to the Roman era, were covered with mosaics starting one-and-a-half meters from the ground. This is an important part of Hasankeyf’s culture because we were able to understand the existence of the Roman period here and its art work through the previously discovered floor mosaics. Now these wall mosaics have proven that Hasankeyf was not only used as a military base during Roman times; these mosaics show that artworks had also been created at the time,” Uluçam noted.