The 6th E. Togo Salmon Conference in Roman Studies
"Roman Slavery & Roman Material Culture"
September 28-29, 2007,
McMaster University

Keynote speakers:
Keith Bradley, University of Notre Dame: "Apuleius and the sub-Saharan slave trade"

Natalie Kampen, Barnard College, Columbia University: "Slavery in the military: problems of iconography"

Christian Laes, Catholic University, Leuven: "Child labour and slave labour in Roman antiquity"

Speakers include:
Christer Bruun, University of Toronto: "Roman cognomina and the question of ‘servile descent"
Philip de Souza, University College Dublin: “Slavery in the Roman Iconography of War”
Sandra Joshel, University of Washington: "Geographies of Slave Containment and Movement"
Peter Keegan, Macquarie University: “Reading the "Pages" of the domus Caesaris – pueri delicati, slave education, and the graffiti of the Palatine paedagogium”
Noel Lenski, University of Colorado: “Working Models: Functional Art and the Ancient Conception of Labour"
Henrik Mouritsen, King's College, London: “Slavery and manumission in two aristocratic Roman households”

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