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'education & theatre' journal

Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network (TENet-Gr)

Dear friends,

The "Education & Theatre" Journal is yearly published by the Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network, and combines international theory and practical approaches to theatre/drama and education.

The contents of all the previous issues may be found on our website

The Editing Committee is happy to receive submissions of articles all year round. However, the deadline for articles for the next 9th issue, to be published in February 2008, is September 10th, 2007.

All articles submitted are anonymously read and commented in terms of publication by at least 2 members of the Journal's International Advisory Committee.

(Committees' members can be found on, English language > Electronic Journal.)

Aims of the Journal:

o to create a channel of communication amongst teachers, educationalists, academics, artists, students and practitioners whose special interest is the collaboration of theatre/drama and other performance arts with the educating process, anywhere this might take place (inside or outside the classroom)

o to help exchange of information, creating a field of knowledge and promoting research on this area in all levels of education in Greece and abroad

o to support dialogue and communication between readers on both theoretical and practical issues raised.

Fields of interest:

Theatre/Drama and Performing Arts teaching, Theatre/Drama as a teaching method, Community Theatre, Playing-through-theatre, Theatre as Social Intervention, Theatre Studies and Education, Theatre for Development, Theatre-in-Education, Drama therapy, other issues of practice or research on Theatre/Drama, arts and education.

Articles may be submitted as:

o Academic articles, original research outcomes, theoretical writing, where the theoretical and research framework should be clear, cited and documented (3500-4000 words).

o Projects descriptions/presentations, which have been created and presented in schools, in community etc, with specific educational aims. In these articles, the theoretical framework, reflections and feedback should be equally balanced with a more personal view (1500-2000 words, photos).

o PhD or MA abstracts with a special interest on the above fields (800-1000 words).

o Conference Reviews (up to 1000 words, photos).

o Interviews The Editing Committee welcomes proposals on themes, people, editors, etc.

o Book reviews (500 words)

Submitting an article

Please send the following in English:
The article in WORD format, within the above described limitations/terms. Please do state the column the article is to be included in.
Author (s)'s Full name(s), title (s) and work position, as they will appear in the Journal.
Photos or tables separately in JPEG and high resolution. Please mark the exact place in the Article where the Photo or Table must be (if applicable).
Abstract of 350 words.
Author(s) email, tel and full post address.
Author(s) CV in a paragraph of approx 100 words.

Information on how to submit an article, may be also found on>English language>electronic journal > fields of interest - how to submit an article

Please do not hesitate to contact the Editing Committee for any questions/clarifications

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