Here's another YouTube video which I include because it demonstrates well how the UK handles finds (in contrast, it appears, to Italy):

Now if Italy were to initiate some sort of PAS-type setup, their current approach has pretty much messed them up, no? The other day Rutelli mentioned how an "unforeseen" spinoff of their repatriation efforts has been to drive up the cost of antiquities on the market. So if a PAS-type scheme were to be introduced, the Italian approach has already made it extremely expensive for compensating people for what might be deemed 'treasure trove'. Taken to an extreme, one could foresee the Italian government actually selling off antiquities because they have to compensate people for more significant pieces. Meanwhile, tombs will continue to be plundered and the antiquities market will be driven underground (or museums in less litigious parts of the world will boast the best collections). Until some laws are changed in the 'find countries', this whole antiquities trade thing is going to get messier and messier.